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Here’s why your business should be online right now:

There are over 4.3 Billion internet users.

Over 3.9 Billion are mobile users.

The average person is online 6 hours and 30 minutes every day.

91% of people visit online stores and 77% of them purchase.

The average person scrolls 3 miles every day on Facebook.


The opportunity is here. Are you ready to bring your business online?

Do you need a website, lead generation system, or digital strategy to grow your business and make money online?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Social-fil-A is a group of skilled web design and marketing nerds led by founder Jack Simon. We specialize in building engaging, results-driven online platforms so our clients can focus on what they do best.

In the last 10 years, we’ve worked with small businesses, nonprofits, personal brands, and multimillion-dollar corporations. Let us take the technical weight off your shoulders and bring your vision to life.

What can Social-fil-A do for you?

Website Creation

Whether you need a new website or have an old site that needs an update, our team of web design pros are here for you.

Advertising and Lead Generation

Our expert marketing consultants will help you take your business to the next level.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Let us position your business to profit from organic traffic.

Hear what Social-fil-A clients are saying:

Personal Brand


Clothing Company

Author, Writer


Speaker, Consultant


Small Business


How can we help you grow your business?

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No matter your market or area,

we will design and develop a website that gets you results.

Examples of our recent work:

We’ve helped solo-preneurs, small business owners,

nonprofits and multimillion-dollar companies.

Will you be next?

More from our happy clients:

“Jack and I worked together on my website and within a month I ended up on the front page of Google. Jack’s expertise in this area took my sales up 25% or more. I highly recommend Jack’s services.”

Jordan Rogers, Owner, Tiger City DJs

“Before working with Social-fil-A we didn’t have a website and we needed one for online ordering. Social-fil-A made it easy for us to focus on our business while he worked to get our brand online. The new website increased our sales by 10% and now we have a great looking website for our customers. I would recommend Social-fil-A’s services to anyone because they are the best!”

Giovanni Caravello, Owner, Little Italy Pizza

“I’ve known Jack for the past 8 years and this guy is a true visionary with the heart to change the whole world. Jack has helped turn my dream into an actual business and now we both are nationwide with my coaching platform, MadPaperCoaching.com. His ideas are golden. He is a true genius. When I brought Jack the idea of my company, he shattered my expectations through the roof. We soft-launched the platform with no paid marketing to 444 email subscribers. Within one week, we had over 660 subscribers and created over $10K in sales and residuals. I learned the proper way to launch a funnel with Jack. Jack taught me the proper way of engaging sales to customers through the internet.”

Rico Smith, Real Estate Investor

“I met Jack through a mutual friend that knew I was needing a website for Dixie Queen. Jack was so efficient I had to up my game to keep up with him. He came up with creative ideas to maximize our revenue and generate new leads. Jack showed us how to utilize social media to expand the Dixie Queen brand. Thanks Jack!”

Billie Jo Starrett, Owner, Dixie Queen

“We had been looking for someone to do our website and we got lucky we discovered Jack. He came in and discussed thoroughly what our website would look like and how easy it would be to maneuver through it. He took care of designing it in a timely manner. There was little effort on our part. He made everything so easy! The new site has definitely increased our business!”

Jolynn Greer, Owner, Deli On The Square

“South Main Hemp would like to thank Jack Simon for all his hard work. When we first began working with him we didn’t have a store at all. Within a few short months, we were up and running and had a full online store. Jack is easy to work with, very patient and always willing to answer questions. We appreciate him helping us begin our new business! Thank you!”

Kim Novarese, Owner, South Main Hemp

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Jack Simon, Founder of Social-fil-A

Now you may be asking…

What makes us different from everyone else?

So here’s the deal. Almost anyone can make you a basic website.

Many people can make you a website that looks pretty.

But few people can actually make you a website that converts.

That’s where we come in. Our process is results-driven and data-driven.

We reverse engineer your #1 goal to build a website that truly grows your business.

We believe the website should do something for you, not just make you look pretty (although it will do that, too).

We set you up properly so you start seeing results immediately.

We create websites that convert to achieve our client’s goals.

How can we help you grow?

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